Clint Burdett FIMC, CMC® Emeritus

Clint Burdett CMC FIMCClint Burdett is an expert strategic planning facilitator who guides management through a team planning process for integrated strategic, operational and implementation plans. He teaches the strategy formulation process and is a strategic planning consultant, a coach and trusted advisor on strategy, leadership, process improvement and communication issues for CEOs and their senior Vice Presidents.

Clint Burdett Strategic Consulting (CBSC), established in 1995, is a sole proprietorship, with associates drawn as necessary from management consulting, operations research and academic contacts worldwide.

As a facilitator, he helps planning teams become more innovative, focused on customer and market opportunities. He helps senior leaders formulate their best strategy, set strategic and operational objectives and align the senior management team. His analytical specialties are strategic planning, customer and industry analyses, business model financial analyses, business design, focus group facilitation/analyses and ISO/IEC standard conformity. He has been asked to troubleshoot dysfunctional leadership.

From to 1995 to 2009, he has taught over 50 strategic planning seminars to leaders from small, medium and large businesses to prepare them to formulate strategies, where he analyzed best practice in a wide variety of sectors.

Clients. Mrs. T's Pierogies (Strategy, Leadership), Concentrus (Continous Process Improvement), VHA Corp (Sale Strategy), Opera Solutions (R&D Goals), Concentrus (Mission Statement), IMC USA for ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation, Medicine Shoppe International (channel strategies, retail footprint), Trimble (worldwide sales strategy), WebEx (corporate strategy, sales strategy, pyramid profits), Aramex International (strategy, basic process improvement), Saudi Telecom (strategy, middle management: leadership, communications, teamwork, planning, focus groups), 7-Eleven (Balanced Scorecard, strategy), John Deere (dealer strategy), Pierce Foods (a CONAGRA independent operating company - strategy, merger preparations, valuation, focus group analysis), JWC Environmental (succession planning, strategy), American Management Association (course developer), Middle East Management Centre(course developer), MCRD Museum Historical Society (financial management), United Space Alliance (strategy training), SDG&E (strategy training), Edwards AFB Test Center (strategy training), the Society of the Plastics Industry (strategy), Family Services Association (strategy), the San Diego Camp Fire Council (capital planning), Travelers Aid (strategy), and The American Melanoma Foundation (strategy). He is the Technical Editor for the 2011 edition of Strategic Planning for Dummies (Wiley).

Bio. Arthur Clinton Burdett, III, was educated at Vanderbilt University, BA magna cum laude in Political Science/Economics 1973, elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and MS in Engineering Management (Ingram Scholar) 1980, and at the Naval War College, MA in National Defense and Strategic Studies (with distinction) 1989.

He served 22 years as a Naval Officer. Invited to join the Advance Research Program at the Naval War College, working with the Rand Corporation, he developed scenarios for the post-Cold War European security environment. For the 1989 and 1990 Global War Games, he served as a facilitator for senior leaders from the Department of Defense, State Department, Central Intelligence Agency and White House. In the early 1990s, he represented the Supreme Commander, Allied Forces, Europe, as his principle negotiator during negotiations at NATO's Military Committee to streamline NATO's Integrated Command Structure. His last government assignment was to improve U.S. Navy classroom utilization and reduce costs. The business model and IT infrastructure was re-engineered using activity based management (ABM) and process improvement methods and employing American Airlines yield management processes.

Other Professional Achievements. Mr. Burdett was a Certified Management Consultant® (2002-2016), now a CMC® Emeritus awarded by the Institute of Management Consultants USA which is the United States ISO/IEC 17024 Certifying Body for the CMC®, and served as the Institute's CMC® Certification Committee Chair. He was a Trustee for the International Council of Management Consultant Institutes (ICMCI), its Quality Assurance Committee Chair and its representative to the 17024 WG of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). He served as the Chief Financial Officer of the Welfare Foundation. He served as Chairman of Share-A-Vision Foundation, which built the Blind Community Center in San Diego's Balboa Park and as the President of the Institute of Management Consultant's San Diego Chapter.

Honors: 2017 Chair Leadership Award IMCUSA, 2013 Fellow of Institute of Management Consultants (FIMC), IMCUSA 2008 Community Service Award and 2010 Distinguished Service Award, Melvin Jones Fellow, Phi Beta Kappa, Defense Superior Service Medal (DSSM), January 27, 2009 Clint Burdett Day for the County of San Diego, McGill Award (1973) and Ingram Scholar Award (1980) for Vanderbilt University.

He authored many articles, customized strategy formulation courses and team guides, and "A Practical Guide to Strategic Planning," at His blog on economic macro trends is at or at Clint Burdett's Observations - A Long View.

In 2019 I phased out my consulting practice.