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Coaching on Thinking Strategically

The promise - to lead the strategy formulation process

One year of unlimited access to me by e-mail, phone, fax, regular mail, etc. We can meet in person, as well, if convenient for both of us.
                 Clint Burdett

The fee

The minimum fee is $2,000 for one year, which separates out those who are serious about their business.

Admission is limited. If there are no openings, there is a "first come, first serve" waiting list.

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How it works

Together we decide if the program is right for you.

If it is, we begin with my studying your business objectives, your core competencies, and your personal goals.

We then establish our goals.

At the low end, some people call me daily, some weekly, some monthly. Some visit, others don't. It is up to you.

At the high end, senior folks establish a trusted advisor dialogue about their job, the design their strategies and have me walk them through a course of study and work with their teams.

I strive return all phone calls within 2 hours and all written correspondence within 24 hours.

How to begin

The fee is required to begin the process or to claim a place on the waiting list.

If later, you ask me to facilitate

If you ask me to facilitate -- to move to the high end -- your fee is credited to the facilitation fees.

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