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How to overcome day to day pressures

Strategic plans are often put on the back burner. As a strategic planning facilitator, I learned smart delegation is the key. My study matches the perspectives excutives I've worked with — overcome the barrier by individual accountablity for strategic tasks.

Most frequent best practice Review workload and delegate; Develop “action plans” assigning responsibility and deadlines. Make individuals accountable.
Most frequent best practice Refocus decision makers away from fires, usually at off-site thinking meetings
Second most frequent best practice Dedicated staff for strategic planning
Second most frequent best practice Make the strategic work part of the employees goals and provide incentives to achieve those goals
Usually works Track progress
Usually works Work on priorities and delay non-essentials, understand the source of the “fires”
Usually works Carve out time away from distractions (no phone, emails … for a day)
May work, but loses impact over time Take a day off
May work, but loses impact over time Get a new job
May work, but loses impact over time Get a Android or throw away your Android (there were mixed feelings)
The bar length indicates the most likely method for success.


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