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Make people accountable for strategic tasks

VPs to Managers say the most frequently barrier to implementing a plan is accountability. As a strategic planning facilitator, I learned people want specific directions. They buy in when they know what they are expected to do. The best practice is:

Most frequent best practice Use SMART goals or objectives with clear deadlines
Most frequent best practice Be clear about responsibility and objectives (confirm and clarify), and link the objectives to all involved
Most frequent best practice Delegate, have one person responsible for each key task
Second most frequent best practice Build in incentives, recognition and give recognition- the most powerful motivator
Second most frequent best practice Teach delegation in the organization
Usually works Give ownership to the team
Usually works Review at milestones
Usually works Be sure the boss acknowledges the assignment eye ball to eye ball
Usually works Give them the resources
Works sometimes No micro-managing, just coaching and feedback
Works sometimes Be sure the audience is the right audience - are they folks who want to be accountable?
The bar length indicates the most likely method for success.


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