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How to overcome fear, resistance to change

Uncertainty is one cause of fear and people resist strategic change. As the strategic planning team formulates its strategy, factor in how to overcome this barrier. Top down support is critical and a compelling vision is necessary. This is one of the most discussed topics in my seminars.

Most frequent best practice Point out the results if there is no change; present hard data to support the need for change, talk dollars and cents
Most frequent best practice Create a learning environment, make it part of the culture
Most frequent best practice Understand and communicate, communicate: the why, the benefits of the change, what is in it for me (WIIFM)
Most frequent best practice Delegate ownership of the change process
Second most frequent best practice Make sure you have the right people involved
Second most frequent best practice Rewards and recognition - tied to the purpose of the organization
Second most frequent best practice Uncover and address key concerns in advance
Usually works Involve those affected by the change and value their inputs
Usually works Lead by example
Usually works Use external resources with reputation; bring in new people for new ideas/questions
Works sometimes Decrease, mitigate the risk of change, i.e. do not shoot the risk taker, some failure is expected
Works sometimes Focus senior management training on change methods
Works sometimes Bring in outside experts
The bar length indicates the most likely method for success.


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