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How to make a strategic plan more flexible

No strategic plan plays out exactly to script. As a strategic planning facilitator, I observed that more frequent progress reviews increased accountability and keep the plan flexible. We overcame this barrier by:

Most frequent best practice Frequently review progress and how the market is changing
Most frequent best practice Keep the strategic plan at a high level, with flexibility for implementation of the details and some reserve funds
Most frequent best practice Increase you contact with vendors and customers as the plan rolls out
Most frequent best practice Track the details of cross-functional work, not within departments. Let the department heads manage their teams
Second most frequent best practice Make sure you have the right people involved -those with something in it for them
Second most frequent best practice Part of the plan includes several 'what if' contingencies
Second most frequent best practice Set the review cycle to give time for actions to take effect but not too long miss a market opportunity
Usually works Give the key players the 'right' to reconvene the team if they see something that must be addressed
The bar length indicates the most likely method for success.


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