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How to get highly technical people to think more strategically

In successful businesses, most of the best folks are operators, not strategists. Highly technical people tend to present their perspectives methodically, but at times, they need to be more strategic.

On the strategic planning team, they may be ill prepared to "think long term."

Most frequent best practice Use a facilitator or a neutral person to run the key meetings
Most frequent best practice Use graphics, not tabular data
Second most frequent best practice Educate them on the big picture – for example, let them sit on the back bench, listen to the leaders discuss the problem
Second most frequent best practice Have a well thought out agenda, focused on the customer (they are adapters)
Second most frequent best practice Integrate them with non-technical people or other experts, offsite if possible
Usually works Use brainstorming techniques with metaphors or disimilar asscociation
Usually works Think what if this happens, what are the competitor responses
The bar length indicates the most likely method for success.


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