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How to overcome conflicting goals

A thesis of the website is when folks formulate strategy, they often bring conflicting goals to the discussions. Generally, folks are positioners, adapters or aligners with tensions about growth strategies, cost containment, and the pressure to innovate. I always recommend focus on the customer benefit, sustainable growth and sharing assets.

These tensions have been a theme for the last ten years and these executives suggest:

Most frequent best practice Top down incentives to align goals, what is in it for me
Second most frequent best practice Use ranking, voting processes where you can vote several times (for my job, for the business)
Second most frequent best practice Keep it simple, ensure the basic goals are what is best for the company
Usually works The team leader communication must be transparent, clear
Usually works Have the team members express their goals early in the process
May work, but loses impact over time Train on the big picture
The bar length indicates the most likely method for success.


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