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How to deduce the boss's vision when they don't tell you or they are all over the map

Beleave it or not, some boss do not communicate their vision clearly or communicate so many visions, it is hard to set priorities. Participants of my strategic planning sessions suggested how to get clarity on the vision..

Most frequent best practice Meet with them socially in a small group and ask
Most frequent best practice At the start of the planning process, make a presentation on the assumptions and through a series of questions, ask them if you are on track
Second most frequent best practice Consider who is their audience, what is in it for them ...
Usually works Identify the audiences for the plan and their expectations
Usually works Listen to what they are telling customers
Usually works Ask for validation of your understanding of their ideas
Works sometimes Know who owns the strategy ... do their ideas match the owner's
Works sometimes Compare their vision to the industry's and the competitors'
The bar length indicates the most likely method for success.


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