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Demand - the external world

Graphic of research on demand

Why Now? Do we need to find new customers?

Strategic planning is a supply and demand problem. Aligners spend most of our time thinking about the supply side, how to do "our" job better, and too little time about our future customers. Aligners need to identify the future customer and to predict how they will be affected by macro trends, e.g., new technology standards, demographic patterns, value shifts.

The team's positioners need to assess the impact of macro-trends on the distribution channel, the sales channel or your competitors. Will the be imitators or disruptive, substitute products that hurt our sales? Examine how others complement your business to create opportunities. The team define the customer's value proposition. Why do they give you their money to you for your product?

Anticipating demand requires study, brain power, to anticipate your future customers needs. Are we involving folks who have frequent contact with our customers?

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