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Supply - the internal world

Research on supply - the firm's ability to supply a product

Why Now? Changing our process - evolutionary or revolutionary change?

Visionaries take their current customers to the next level by adapting their current business models - they disrupt the old ways. They recognize future demand and create markets - the demand side - and craft a business model - the supply side - that will support it. Which way, evolutionary or disruptive, is best? Depends ...

  • How good are our process and people? Do you hate the phrase: "We can do more with less!"
  • Are our customers still paying because we offer something of real value?
  • Do we need a radical change?
  • How are we going to pay for it and sustain our business?

To answer these questions you have to merge your self-assessment with the analysis of demand ... but, we're getting the cart before the horse - we are just starting the process.

The team leader and his or her boss need to discuss "how soon?" What is the urgency? Urgency helps!

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