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IP presentation style subsequent years

In this version of the IP matrix, with the scale adjusted to focus on the most important elements of the buying decision, we compare the five elements of your customers buying decision (your value proposition) over two years compared to your competitor. The "tails" show the movement since last years. Most leaders want the graphic and a simple conclusion, so I explain it on the presentation slide.

An IP Matix showing changes over multiple years


Since last year:

Customers feel BUR-MART is harder to shop, check-out waits, and that AMBITION has improved its offerings.

They value better service more. BUR-MART is closing the gap.

  • The lines show the magnitude of change from the previous year(s).
  • Don't change the scale year to year.
  • Explain the changes in the conclusions.
  • This is easy to do in PowerPoint, but it can get very cluttered with more than five "wants" being tracked. Use two matrices, side by side, to show more detail.

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