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Process map for forecastingAssess options, assess costs

The strategic planning team identifies opportunities using a SWOT. Today, most executives have already formulated strategy using a SWOT.

The team members who would lead the effort develop their options, potential tactics, for each opportunity. Reflection is important ... a great idea, given some time to think, may prove lousy on reflection. The Action Plans and Costs Chapters describe how to assess options and estimate of benefit versus costs.

What should happen

  • The team should informally continue the discussion about the strategies, routes, action plans and goals.
  • Rough drafts of the actions plans, which estimate the steps, costs and coordination required, are prepared
  • The "implementers" coordinate about sharing resources

What could happen

  • In a big corporation, the team leader informally validates the teams ideas with the boss or steering committee
  • The team make have to reconvene to reconsider or add options, as issues arise

The team members will pitch their strategy and action plans to the rest of the team and to the boss at the next meeting.




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