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Process map for forecastingTop-Down Strategic Planning Align to Corporate Vision and Goals

The final section of this chapter, called Team Forecasting, describes how to conduct the strategic planning process with top-down guidance.

Key Points

  • This approach aligns the units of the corporate
  • The forecast of one to two years is very important, to develop a realistic budget
  • During the reviews, it control method to track progress and adjust resourcing
  • Bottom-up entrepreneurs eventually have to sell their idea through this process as they compete for funds
  • Entrepreneurs, who have the check book, can take shortcuts with the budgeting

Don't expect miracles

This process will not necessarily produce a revolutionary idea. It is incremental, evolutionary.

At the same time, this is how most of us learn about the big picture and then can become better strategic thinkers. This is where most of us pay our dues.


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