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The Strategy, Objectives, Key Players section

Strategy, objectives and key players

At a high level, who does what when.

Strategy style

The style is one to a few sentences that describe the strategy followed by a list of the major action plans. Less is more!

Objectives style

Follow this simple formula: measure + target metric by a date

A measure is a formula which describes performance. The metric is the numeric value of the measure. (See - registration required).

The measure is stores opened per week and the metrics are three company stores and one licensed store opened per week in 2003.

Norton and Kaplan's Balanced Scorecard are often used here to present and show how the objectives are aligned. Their recent book "The Strategy-Focused Organization: How Balanced Scorecard Companies Thrive in the New Business Environment" presents many templates you can adapt to your situation.

Key Players

If the audiences include likely investors or distant decision makers, include a thumbnail of the key players' resumés. Make it clear who is personally responsible for the strategy.

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