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A Bare Bones Primer - Creating a Strategic Plan

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If you suddenly find yourself tasked to create a strategic plan, what can you read to quickly to get started? There is so much written on strategy formulation.

First, this website is designed to help you pick the best process, prepare the team leader, and walk through the process steps. You will need to decide on the meeting schedule you will use.

The core pages are at Process> Meeting Sequence.

Second, read Profit Patterns by Adrian Slywosky and Brian Morrison to understand how business seek out the most profitable routes. Get it used on Book title - Profit Patterns


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Third, with the key folks you are going to work with, determine if you need any training. I'd suggest several of you attend a seminar on Strategic Planning, where you can talk about your business within the structure of the seminar. Be sure to let folks in the seminar know - "poof, now I'm a strategic planner." They will help! I can present the seminar for you.


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