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Considerations for the team leader Management perspectives: positioners, adapters and aligners, who work together by focusing on the customer benefit, sustained earnings and shared assets.


The team leader is going to ask key folks in the firm to take time away from operations and think about strategy. To engage the group, the team leader must factor into the agenda an appreciation of how the team will perceive that time is being used. Very busy people treasure their time more than their paychecks.

Time to study - how does the customer benefit?

Some time to study is important, no matter what strategy formulation approach you take. Studying takes time. At a minimum, team members need to gain an appreciation for the complexity; at the other extreme, where the market is changing fast, you need time to step back to think. The leadership art is who will study what for the team?

To pick the best option to sustain the business and use the planning process to rehearse

A small team of key players needs to work in concert. They may need to debate the market and design of the business but most important is discussing "what-ifs." No one should expect the plan to play out exactly as predicted. Allow time to talk through, to rehearse contingencies.

To share assets and align efforts

When the route has been decided, the team makes sure that the strategy implementation is coordinated, and the organization needs to align to the strategy. In my experience, once the strategy decisions are made, folks want to leave. Be sure to set some time aside to plan how to sell the strategy.

Why do people want to do the work off-site?

I've asked hundreds of people what helps them think strategically. The universal answer has been that they want to get away from frequent interruptions so they can think.

The preferred way is to meet off-site or to meet away from their office.

Sequencing strategic action plansReflection

Folks need time to reflect, especially where the option they are considering will cause them to change how they are doing business.

Leave day-to-day crises at the door

It is too easy to slip into a crisis meeting about the current "fire" that has to be put out right now.

Some folks are not "good" strategists

There should be a mix of big-picture thinkers and operators, conceptual and practice people. The discussions should educate both strategists who are accustomed to formulate strategies and operators who focus on getting the job done.



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