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Why I Work

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Facilitator for the Strategic Planning Process

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What I do

During the preparations for strategy formulation meetings, I walk you through the process and am intimately involved with

  • designing your process
  • identifying the data you need
  • training your team to think strategy
  • your research
  • your team's issues
  • working corporate politics
  • your customers

and then

  • I facilitate the meetings and deliberations
  • I help draft of your plan
  • I help with monitoring the results
  • I can work by myself or bring you a team of skilled professionals.

My goal

In the second year, the process is your own. You will be a better strategic thinker.

How I bill

I charge one fee, after we have come to a mutual agreement on what we need to accomplish.

The promise

Your strategies will be more focused, successful and your team will be better at implementing them.

          Clint Burdett



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