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Strategy Formulation - Document Templates


The "planner" meets with the "decison maker"In this chapter I show how to write the documents that present the strategy. If no one understands your strategic plan, you did not formulate a winner!

I've negotiated, written and seen strategies that were documented from simple process diagrams to PowerPoint presentations (now the most common) to business plans to elaborate, complex reports filling filing cabinets full.

Each had a purpose and an intended audience from nations to investors to labor unions to employees. Your communications plan, how you will align your firm, is also part of your key documents.

The critical audience

The most important readers are the key players in your firm who will implement the strategy. I've learned that most leaders want to understand the goals and coordination required, but they do not want "orders" on the day to day detail of what needs to be done. We call that empowerment. Most employees learn about the strategy in a well designed PowerPoint presentation drawn from the key documents.

Key point: focus and brevity, written for its intended audience. I recommend you also visit Chris Witt's website at He is the best communications consultant I know.

Document (often call statements) Templates

  • Purpose or Mission
  • Vision
  • Strategy, including objectives
  • Situation Analysis, including assumptions
  • Programs, including coordination
  • Financial Impact

There may be appendices with additional detail and an executive summary.

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