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Programs and Coordination section

Programs and coordination

This section describes the schedule for the action plans and coordination needed. If you control all the resources needed, you do not need to discuss coordination issues. If the strategy involves makes departments, division, etc., then you need to demonstrate that their leaders are ready to commit their resources.


I use the word programs to mean several actions plans that support the same objective. Frequently, these supporting plans are developed at the department or business unit level. In the program section, you would summarize the action plans objective, timing, cost and resources required and expected impact. In an appendix, you could include the entire action plan.


In my experience, most complex plans fail when supporting plans are not completed in the correct sequence. The primary reason is the action plan owner expects help from another department, but the folks are not available as promised. In this section, you explain the critical path and the sharing of resources. If you will work with outside firms or consultants, then here you explain their commitments.

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