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A Single Page Strategy

Key points

Finding the balance between providing detail and clarity is the challenge.

  • Short, concise, to the point is better because most leaders think that way
  • If the intended audience is external to the firm, be sure legal and HR look it over. You are making a promise to the market place and someone may sue you in the future
  • "Less is More" many firms limit the internal presentations to at most seven pages. Remember, the boss is deciding if you have the leadership skills to implement the strategy, not how good are you at providing detail about the business.
  • If the intended audience is just the key players in the strategy, then set goals, divide resources and let them at it

Purpose and vision for the "short version"

This language specifies a fundamental commitment you are asking your employees to make and a fundamental promise to your customers.

Take the time to make these sentences inspiring and clear. Generics like "We will have the highest quality products in the industry" are not as meaningful. Avoid generic statements!

Rather, be specific: "Our vision is to build a widget that our customers recognizes as best in the industry for time to failure, ease of operation and serviceability."

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